When released from Roebourne Regional Prison early in 2020, we asked our client what he wanted most. His response was “New glasses”.

After breaking his glasses and not being able to get them repaired or replaced, he was holding them together with a piece of sticky tape. This was neither practical nor comfortable for our client.

Unfortunately for him during the time of his release the COVID-19 panic was at its peak and this made organising his appointments difficult. Our Post Release Officer David Atkinson even tried to track down his eye prescription, however as the clients last appointment was over 2 years ago this was not an option.

David also realised the client was missing some of the required identification for his glasses. David quickly set about getting the client set up with his IDs. David also helped to arrange eye tests, and transport to and from the appointments.

Fast forward a couple of months and look how great the glasses are looking on our client.

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