We are a not-for-profit organisation contracted by the Department of Corrective Services (DCS) to provide reintegration services for offenders, ex-offenders and their family members in the Pilbara region.

During their incarceration in the Roebourne Regional Prison (RRP), PCSL will provide pre-release support services to remand and sentenced prisoners and to their family members. Once they are released, PCSL will provide post-release services to successfully reintegrate them into the community. We focus on providing an integrated and individualised approach to the case management of offenders, ex-offender and their families with a sole focus on reintegration and reduction in reoffending.

Our main purpose is to achieve a safe and strong community through reduced rates of recidivism. This is to be achieved through clients experiencing reduced harm from drug and alcohol, clients desist from family and domestic violence, linking them with effective and culturally secure support networks, and improving their psychological stability.

As the current provider of reintegration services for the Dept of Corrective Services in the Pilbara region, we have an extensive experience delivering services across the Pilbara region. We understand how to overcome the challenges to provide effective services. Furthermore, we are the only service providers delivering the Reintegration services who has a permanent venue inside a prison in the WA. Working directly inside the prison means that we have a deep understanding of our offender population and what is required for successful outcomes.

Establishing trust and building good relationships is very important for successful rehabilitation and reintegration for Indigenous and non-Indigenous offenders. PCSL has a strong established relationship with many Indigenous communities across the region. Our reputation for trust and integrity has been developed over many years of working with these communities. Unlike other Western Australian prisons where the reintegration service is a visiting service, PCSL’s reintegration workers are based at the prison. Being located directly in the prison means that we provide excellent access for offenders to these services. Our location and the regularity of workshops we facilitate helps us to build familiarity with offenders, which in turn allows offenders to gain valuable information, skills and insights for life after prison. The result is a good level of participation by offenders in reintegration services prior to release. PCSL’s post‐release workers also visit regularly to get to know their clients in the lead up to their release.

In collaboration with DCS and other service organisations, we provide an offender centric service. We have formally established relationships with many service providers across the region and collaborate closely with the Department and many Government and non-Governmental agencies to ensure that the offenders, ex-offenders and their families are provided with services that are tailored to their needs.