Pilbara Community Services Ltd (PCSL) was established as a not-for-profit organisation in 2011 to deliver Re-Entry and Transport Options Programs (TOP) for the Department of Corrective Services. Prior to PCSL’s establishment, the contract was serviced by KMD Corporation Pty Ltd. KMD Corporation Pty Ltd was established in 2002 to deliver the services but closed in 2011 when PCSL was established to continue to deliver the services as a non-for-profit organisation.

Strong research evidence demonstrates that one of the most efficient ways of preventing crime is to rehabilitate those who are most likely to commit offences; providing an enhanced level of control and interventions for those offenders identified as at risk of reoffending, with a focus on effective rehabilitation once released into the community.

PCSL has a history of providing services to contribute to achieving the following community outcomes:

  • A safe and strong community through reduced rates of recidivism (particularly for Indigenous people) and increased confidence in the corrective services system.
  • Successful reintegration of offenders into the community, with offenders positively contributing to family, culture and community.

PCSL therefore already works in collaboration with a network of partners, service providers and community organisations to provide the required rehabilitation and reintegration services.

We are strongly committed to this collaborative approach and working with our network across the Pilbara region and the Department. We will contribute to the Department’s strategic goal of achieving a reduction in reoffending and improving community safety in the Pilbara region.


Our Mission

To Reduce Recidivism by providing a quality support service to the prisoners and their family members in the Pilbara Region; assuring a collaborative, accessible, responsive and efficient system of services and supports and improving access to benefits while in prison and upon release.


Successful reintegration of prisoners into the community together with a reduced rate of recidivism.

To achieve the above objective, Pilbara Community Services Ltd. aims to:

  • Value and respect the prisoners and their family members
  • Provide excellent service
  • Operate with the highest level of Confidentiality
  • Anticipate and satisfy client needs
  • Value and respect stakeholders, government and non-government agencies which Pilbara Community Services Ltd. services by work in partnership with other agencies and community groups
  • Work as a team
  • Ensure monitoring, reporting and evaluation of the Pilbara Community Services Ltd.’s system is in place to expand accountability requirements.